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Medical Assistant and Patient Care Workshop

At MedCare HealthCert. Where we Care., we take care to provide our students high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

We provide a variety of services including: PCT, MA, EKG, Phlebotomy, MIBC and Certification prep Workshops.

Phlebotomy Workshop
If you are more interested in doing the clinical aspect of healthcare training, then Phlebotomy is for you. In our Phlebotomy program, you are taught how to obtain specimens using a variety of techniques. An introduction to specific labs which might be drawn and the different tubes you will use for each. The specimens are obtained for treatment, prevention of diseases, and testing for a diagnosis. We assist you with hands-on training in clinical environment. If you are interested in doing one of the main clinical aspects of healthcare workshops that we offer, then phlebotomy is for you
EKG Workshop
A more technical healthcare job interest’s you; EKG Technician might be your answer. Our EKG program trains you to recognize erratic waves and how to place the 12- lead on the patient without artifact. Proper placement of the 12-lead is imperative to see how the heart is firing. EKG Technicians have job opportunities within most cardiac divisions of the hospital as well as doctor offices. Then this technical healthcare job might an  interest to you; 
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 MedCare HealthCert. Where we Care. 
A general healthcare field interests you; Medical Assisting might be your calling. Medical Assistants typically work alongside doctors and are expected to multi-task. Our Medical Assistant workshop covers important brush up skills needed from HIPAA and OSHA guidelines in order to properly care for your patient. However you must have previous training in the medical field in order to enter our program. In addition, we cover the basics of the clinical aspects of biohazardous waste and venipuncture procedures.

A person who likes the office setting, maybe Personal Care Technician could be for you. As a Personal Care Technician, we will help you train on all aspects of taking care of homebound patients or the elderly. Your refresher course will assist in communication, professional and basic care giving skills needed to provide the best quality care for the patient. In addition to, you will be taught your role as a PCA, your responsibilities, as well as how to relate to other family members. Both workshops can also lead to your pre certification training.
Want to brush up or learn CPR for a place of employment, to care for an ill family member, or just to acquire the technique for self-knowledge (ex, new parents). Our CPR program teaches you all you need to know, for adult and pediatric. BLS
If you are interested in medical insurance billing and coding And have the skills to work in bookkeeping, payroll, accounting clerks, or medical administrative assistant 
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